PanthersTV will be live-streaming tonight's high school football game at Arkansas High. The live stream will begin at 6:45 p.m., followed by kickoff at 7 p.m. PanthersTV YouTube link:
2 days ago, Jared Wiker
PanthersTV live stream at Arkansas High 7 p.m.
MHS Seniors: See the attached scholarship information and if you are qualified/interested, see Mrs. Callicott for more information and forms.
2 days ago, Jill Callicott
American Legion
It's homecoming time at MHS! Join in on all the fun and participate in our dress-up days next week!
3 days ago, Magnolia High School
Homecoming Dress Up Days
Magnolia High School is pleased to announce the 2023 Homecoming Court!
5 days ago, Magnolia High School
MHS Homecoming Court
Important announcement: 📢
8 days ago, Misty Ward
MHS Intro. to Education students enjoyed the morning at Walker Pre-K observing their routines and procedures. Thank you to Mrs. Coleman and her amazing staff for welcoming us! #EducatorsRising
9 days ago, Misty Ward
Congratulations to Abigail Alphin and Crystal Carter winners of the MSD Meal Application Promotion drawing!! Abigail Alphin - $50 Walmart Gift Card Crystal Carter – All Season Athletic Pass Please come by the Magnolia School Annex Food Service Department to redeem your prize.
13 days ago, Magnolia School District
Today during our "Rocking Wednesday" flex period, students in Mrs. Nix's class practiced learning the alma mater with a little shaving cream find the lyrics game!
18 days ago, Magnolia High School
shaving cream word find
shaving cream word find
shaving cream word find
shaving cream word find
shaving cream word find
Smile! MHS Picture Day is tomorrow, Wednesday, September 6.
19 days ago, Misty Ward
picture day
Yearbook needs your Summer Fun pictures! Send us school appropriate pictures of the fun you had over the summer. Make sure to include who is in the picture (left to right). You may email these to Also, be on the lookout for who's who info soon!
20 days ago, Rachel Fish
Mrs. Massey's class used skittles to understand that probabilities describe the results of something occuring for a long amount of time.
21 days ago, Susan Massey
Calculating probability of each color of skittle.
Calculating probability of each color of skittle.
Calculating probability of each color of skittle.
Calculating probability of each color of skittle.
Calculating probability of each color of skittle.
The Magnolia Band Boosters will hold a meeting Tuesday, September 5th. The meeting will be held in the MHS Band Hall and start at 5:30 PM. All band parents and anyone wishing to support the band program are encouraged to attend.
23 days ago, Magnolia School District
Mrs. Ladner's Algebra 2 students calculated products on dice to compare experimental and theoretical probabilities.
26 days ago, Julie Carter
Mrs. Hamilton's seniors read, discussed, and shared information about their future options: college, community college/trade school, military, or workforce.
27 days ago, Keri Hamilton
Sharing the benefits of community college and trade school
Ava shares about the benefits of community college.
Sharing the benefits of college
Sharing the benefits of college.
Students in Accelerated Bio work on how to follow lab procedure and measure solution appropriately. AP Bio students work on gathering data to determine the standard error/standard deviation from the given value and the actual value of laboratory glassware. Their first lab of the year! It was a learning process but so much fun! They set up the lab themselves, ran the lab from the procedure, AND cleaned up after themselves!
29 days ago, Melissa Chandler
2 students pouring solution from a beaker to a graduated cylindee
2 students filling their beaker with solution
5 students measuring the volumes left in their test tubes
5 students in AP Bio taking a break to pose for the camera
3 students working together to measure solutions
6 students making sure their data is all written down from lab
5 students at lab table taking down data from their lab
Students in accelerated bio working on measuring accurately
4 students working on measuring the correct amount of solution into the test tubes
6 students discussing the follow-up questions for their data set
Here is a sneak peak at the Accelerated and AP Bio students taking the practical portion of their lab safety exam.
29 days ago, Melissa Chandler
Ty Spurling pouring clear liquid from beaker to graduated cylinder
Jack Waller pouring clear liquid from beaker to graduated cylinder
David Groguhe pouring clear liquid from beaker to graduated cylinder
Are you ready for some Panther Football?! Watch the game LIVE beginning at 8pm. Shoutout to Kasyn Sanders for tonight's graphic!
30 days ago, Magnolia High School
magnolia vs Nashville 8pm Panther Stadium
WENTWORTH PLACE MAKES WATER DONATION TO PANTHERS Due to the extreme heat advisories currently affecting our area, staff members at Wentworth Place donated water bottles the the Panther football team. Over 200 bottles of water will be used for football practices and games. Pictured L to R: Wentworth Place employees Brenda Strickland; Pat Johnson; Panther coach, Luke Bowser; and Wentworth Place staff member, Julia Nipper.
30 days ago, Magnolia School District
Wentworth Donates Water to Panther FB team
Important yearbook and picture information! Picture day for grades 9th-11th is September 6 in the arena. Yearbooks are available to purchase now. Please go to to purchase your yearbook or you may order your book from Mrs. Fish in room 36. Books are $50. Price will increase on September 23 to $55. Order early for the best price! Senior parents, grandparents, etc-senior ads are available to be made now as well. You MUST go online to to create and pay for your senior ad. Online is the only way to purchase a senior ad this year! You will be able to choose your pictures, colors and put your text how you would like it to look. Senior ads are due no later than December 7, 2023 so mark your calendar and get those senior ads in now. Please do not wait to get your senior an ad as space is limited this year! Ad prices are as follows: (please note this is before tax which is collected through 1/8 page (business card size) $65 1/4 page $125 1/2 page $195 full page is $295 Yearbook is running a special right now for anyone who did not purchase a book last year (22-23). If you would like to purchase last year's book at a discounted price, you may order this years book either online or through Mrs. Fish and purchase last year's book for only $25. That is a savings of 50%. Last year's book can only be purchased from Mrs. Fish and you must purchase this year's book in order to take advantage of the special sale price. **sale price only applies to last year's yearbook--not the current year's book** If you have any questions or would like more information please email
about 1 month ago, Rachel Fish
First home football game is this Friday, August 25th at Panther Stadium. Wear your best beach attire, and let's cheer on our Panthers to victory! Game will begin at 8pm.
about 1 month ago, Magnolia High School
beach attire Friday august 25th