About Magnolia High School

Mission Statement

Magnolia High School is dedicated to providing an environment where all students will have the maximum opportunity to learn to accept responsibility, to mature into productive citizens, and to complete a specified curriculum with an emphasis on proficiency in all content areas.

Belief Statements

We believe:

  • Students, families, community, faculty, staff, and administration share the responsibility for our students’ education.

  • Students should have a safe school environment.

  • A professional working environment produces an atmosphere conducive to learning.

  • A relevant, meaningful, rigorous curriculum guides instruction to ensure all students show measurable progress toward maximum student achievement.

  • In enabling our students to become lifelong learners with critical thinking skills by providing data-driven, research-based instructional strategies.

  • Technology should be integrated into the curriculum to prepare students to function successfully in an ever-changing global society.

  • Data-driven professional development produces the greatest impact on classroom achievement.

  • In the value of all students and the importance of giving them equal opportunity to a balanced education by addressing their individual needs, interests, and learning styles.

  • Students should be encouraged and provided opportunities to participate in the arts through creative expression which expands the human experience.

  • Students should display integrity and a strong work ethic through regular and prompt attendance and student accountability.

Magnolia High School serves students in grades 10-12.