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AP Incentive Assembly

Posted Date: 09/25/2018

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                                                   Advanced Placement Incentive Assembly help Sept. 24, 2018 in Panther Arena

The following students were honored in the Annual AP Incentive Assembly Monday, September 24, 2018, in Panther Areana at 9:15 a.m.: 

Future Graduates of 2019: Annabelle Babbitt, Hannah Bailey, Callie Barnett, Kennedy Byers, Payton Campbell, Peyton Carter, Aileen Castillo, Christopher Daniels, Tiffany Dempsey, Cameron Denler, Tyler Dennis, Carwin Edwards, Claudia Franks, Tyra Freeman, Ashlyn Garrett, Mariah Guevara, Juana Guzman, Maria G. Guzman, Kristyn Hardy, Abbie Jolly, Joseph Lewis, Steven Liberty, Aerin Loe, Duncan Lowther, Kaylee Martin, Mason Meadows, LaZanee Miller, Megan Mitchell, Ian Murphy, Keyvonnie Nelson, Stephon O’Guinn, Brianna Owen, Chandler Owen, Terrell Page, Mikayla Peterson, Olivia Reeves, Aletha Rich, Autumn Scruggs, Keith Watson, Timothy Zigler.

Future Graduates of 2020:  Gabrielle Bulliard, Rylee Creed, Noah Garland, Haley Johnson, Adam Pieratt, Emma Schroeder, Jordan Sigala, Parker Williams, Abigail Young, Kevin Zhao

Graduates of 2018 (not pictured): Bowen Arnold, Rylee Barnett, Emily Ford, Trey Fronek, Nohelia Garcia, Kathren Green, Aaron Henson,Ryan Hugens, Hannah Kaar, Sevin Kacsir, Brenna Leggett, Melanie Martin, Hunter Nix, Jason Saldana, Mikayla Sandusky, Sullivan Stockwell, Bryce Wagner, Darryl Witcher 

In May of 2018 there were 278 AP Exams given to 157 students who were enrolled in AP courses.  There were 102 qualifying scores made by 68 students.  Scores given to AP Exams are 1 through 5 with only the 3s, 4s, and 5s being passing scores.  These 68 students earned $100 per qualifying score.  Total amount awarded was $10,200.