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New Books Have Arrived!

A sample of the NEW BOOKS FOR THE SPRING of 2019!

Graphic Novels that were recommended by AP students More graphic novels suggested by the same AP studentRandom fiction, lower & higher level reading levelsNon-Fiction titles for students who want to find our what careers are available for students who don't go to college


NEW BOOKS HAVE ARRIVED and are ready for you to check out beginning January 8, 2019!  

New Non-fiction books for our students.more non-fiction books 2019non-fiction additions to shelvesnon-fiction football books for students to readgreat additions to the collectionnon-fictions books added January 2019non-fictionbooks about animalsfiction books addedmore fiction 2019A wrinkle in time added.easy to read fictionmore fictiongreat fiction addedfootball additionsfictionhelp yourself to more good booksthere are more new books so come on in and check some outStephen King booksFantasy Football Leaguejob for young peopleViolent End is the title of one of these booksAfrician-American AuthorsInteresting looking readsLet's mix these up some more.If you don't see what you are looking for, just ask.just one morecome on in and read!almost readyLook at what has been added to our website and come in and check one or more out!





                                                                                                                                                                                              Come in and see the others that are ready for you to check out!  


Fall 2018

Fiction books Swarm titlenon-fictionnon-fiction new fallMarch 1, 2, & 3non-fiction 2018 fallJughead & Archienon-fiction for the book shelvesBiographiesinspirational non-fictionmore non-fiction titles for studentsBook for high school studentsFun reads for all students2 copies of some titlesLove & WarInteresting Readshuge booksAll Rights ReservedThe Boy in the Black SuitStudents want theseMy Plain Jane titleStill a Work in ProgressFuzzy Mud will be interesting readGreat Biographies to add to our collection!


Spring 2018


The Whole Thing Together

The Hate U Give

27 HoursAHGOTTAHANDLEONITUnearthlyBlack River FallsHallowedBoundlessThe Fever CodeStar's EndThe Chaos of Standing StillColorblindThe Strange & Beautiful Sorrows of Ava LavenderMonsters of MenThe Knife of Never Letting GoHotel for the LostEvery Last WordEver the BraveSee MeThe Truth Beneath the LiesRules of RainCradle and AllVanishing GirlsThe Ask and the AnswerHidden FiguresBessie ColemanVirginia HamiltonWU Nuclear PhysicistThe Story of Marguerite Henry



Winter 2017

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Fall 2017

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